About Us

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Obsol33t is a narrative-driven experience set in a government-controlled, vaporpunk future. Play through the eyes of a hacker, Jaison, to find ways around both the omnipresent surveillance system, and the inaccessibility of the city that he faces as a wheelchair user. Players can explore the vibrant 3D world via standard controls or a dual-mouse system, while progressing the story via 2D visual novel elements.

The main drive behind developing the game is to encourage more diverse player experiences in first-person-games. Not everyone can run, jump and fight like a regular video game protagonist and we wanted to challenge player expectations of this while putting them in the shoes of someone who experiences the world differently to them.

Our secondary drive is positive representation of disability and mental health. Our aim is to portray Jaison as someone who lives a different life in a wheelchair- not a worse one. Positive representation is our aim so we are working closely with wheelchair users and people who identify with Jaison during all stages of development. If you have any feedback, criticism or insight to share with us please do not hesitate to contact us at sodafloatgames@gmail.com

The game is still in very early Alpha and has only been in production for 8 weeks. A more developed demo is in the works. Thank you for all your amazing feedback and encouragement so far!

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Three quarters of the team at our EGX Rezzed booth.  Obsol33t is the first game by recent graduate team Soda Float, who formed to take part in Dare Academy 2018. The team currently consists of four people who are chipping away at the game in their free time.